COVID-19 Information
  • If you have been diagnosed with COVID, have been in contact with someone diagnosed with covid within the 14 days prior to your appointment, or are experiencing ANY symptoms associated with COVID, please do not come to your appointment, but call us as soon as you are aware of any of the above.  We will instruct you on what comes next.
  • Patients are required to remain in their vehicles and call the office once they have arrived.  Katelyn will provide them with instructions, review symptoms and instruct you when to come to the back door.
  • All patients, and everyone entering the building, MUST wear a face mask in order to enter the building.  Anyone not wearing a facemask will be turned away, no exception.  This is to keep you, our staff, our families and our other patients safe. 
  • At the back door, you will be given hand sanitizer to use and your temperature will be taken.  This is also without exception.
  • Your face mask must remain on until you are instructed by your provider to remove it. 
  • After your treatment is over, your provider will instruct you on when to put your mask back on and will then escort you to the door and provide you with hand sanitizer.
  • You must call Katelyn to schedule all appointments, as keeping in-person contact to a minimum is a priority.
  • If you have a copay for your upcoming appointment, Katelyn will either collect that over the phone prior to or after your appointment. 
  • We have purchased, in accordance with the CDC guidelines, chair side extraoral suction units, which collect aerosol immediately upon generation at the mouth.  This allows for very little aerosol to fall onto the patient, OR the provider OR into the air.  This makes it much safer for each subsequent patient, as there is little to no aerosol in the treatment rooms at all.  This is probably our most exciting change.
  • You must inform us if you begin experiencing any COVID symptoms or are diagnosed with COVID any time up to 14 days after your appointment with us. 
  • We request that you PLEASE be patient with us and this whole process.  There may be unexpected wait times and flow kinks that arise, but we are doing our best to make everything as smooth as possible.  COVID has provided new challenges to all of us, and our industry in particular, has strict guidelines that we must follow, given the nature of our work.  But rest assured, everything we have done during these past few months has allowed for the SAFEST possible environment in which to be treated.  We look forward to seeing you.


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