Get a Whiter Smile

Get a Whiter Smile

teeth whitening procedureWould you like to whiten your teeth but don't have the patience to apply whitening products every night for weeks or months? Professional teeth whitening offers a quick, simple solution. Concord and Penacook, NH, dentist Dr. Jennifer Toy offers teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry treatments and services that help you enhance the appearance of your smile.

Do professional teeth whiteners work faster than over-the-counter whitening products?

If the time commitment keeps you from using over-the-counter products, you'll appreciate the convenience of professional whitening at your dentist's office. It only takes a single one-hour visit to lighten your teeth dramatically. In fact, many people notice that their teeth are three to eight shades lighter after a whitening treatment.

How do professional whitening agents work?

Most whitening products, whether they're over-the-counter or professional, contain hydrogen peroxide, a very effective natural whitener. Hydrogen peroxide removes stains by penetrating tiny pores in your enamel and breaking apart dark pigments trapped inside.

Professional whitening agents use a much stronger hydrogen peroxide formulation than drugstore products, which allows for rapid whitening. Although the whitening agent may be stronger, professional whitening is a very safe and effective option.

What happens during a whitening session?

Before your teeth can be whitened, they must be thoroughly cleaned to remove plaque and tartar. Hydrogen peroxide may be strong, but it can't penetrate these substances. If you've ever whitened your teeth at home and noticed that they look mottled or speckled afterward, you probably had plaque or tartar on your teeth.

Although hydrogen peroxide is perfectly safe for your teeth, it will irritate your gums, roots, mouth, and lips if it comes in contact with them. Your dentist will protect these sensitive areas by applying a special gel to the roots and gums and pulling your cheeks and lips away from your mouth with plastic retractors.

Once your mouth, roots, and gums are protected, the whitening gel will be applied to your teeth. One hour later, the gel will be removed, and you'll see a much brighter smile in the mirror. Avoiding smoking or drinking and eating darkly pigmented foods and beverages will help you maintain your whitening results.

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